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Hire the best SEO Audit Services in India to enhance your website’s performance in search results. Whether your website has been neglected for a long time or maybe you can’t figure out what to do next to grow your ranking on search engine. But don’t worry we can help you to find out the exact path to reach your goal through our seo audit services.

🔍 What is an SEO Audit?

An SEO audit is the process which is done with the goal to inspect about the factors which can impact or improve your website ranking in organic search results. It involves the comprehensive review of all the factors that are contributing to your website SEO score. It focuses on finding any errors or issues that may have impacted your website ranking on SERP and incoming traffic from prospective clients.

So, currently if you have a website and doesn’t know how it will perform after launching your next SEO campaign. Then, its high time now to do an SEO audit, which can help you with insights of challenges which you may face and the reasons why you are not achieving your SEO goals. Our best SEO Audit Services in India will help you to determine whether a website have to be redesigned or rebuilt to implement a successful SEO campaign.Our professional SEO Audit Services in India will help you to be prepared and to know the unknowns before launching your next SEO campaign.

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On-Page Analysis

Each page of your website plays a different role in your business overall online success. Therefore, we at Lydzen, provide the professional SEO Audit Services in India which helps you by performing On-Page analysis and takes several factors into criteria including your website URL structure, each page meta tags & description, keywords, user interaction rate, and other factors. Our technical SEO Audit Services in India gives you the insights into what is good with your site, and where it could perform better by doing certain changes in its technical structure.

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Off-Page Analysis

Off page analysis is the process in our SEO Audit Services in India which is done to analyze about what others think about your company. It involves analyzing all the inbound links that are coming to your website and discover which of them are from high quality & relevant sites and which of them have the potential to cause any harm to your site. After analyzing we create strategic approach to remove or disallow any such harmful links and replace them with the quality one. This is done on a regular basis by our SEO experts to identify any flaws your website may have.

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Get the best SEO Audit Services in India to know about the factors on which your website is lagging behind from your competitors. Grow your business to its full potential with us!

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Why Your Website May Need SEO Audit? 🤔

Decline in Organic Traffic

Any kind of decline in your organic traffic after a recent change in your design, site transfers, migrations, rebranding or any other major technical change due to content or backlinks

Slower Page Loading Speed

Slow page load times can make your visitors frustrated,which signals search engine bots to assign your site for a lower rank in their SERP, and hence, can lead to lower conversion rates.

Outdated Content in Use

If your website content is outdated then it can leave your site bloated and will cause ranking for keywords which are no longer relevant or in use by your customers to fulfill their needs.

Non-Mobile Friendly Website

If your website provides a poor mobile experience, then it can lead to unsatisfied customers, a growing bounce rate, and eventually leading to a decrease in keyword rankings on SERP.

Broken Links In Use

Any kind of broken links associated with your website, whether its outbound broken links, inbound broken links or internal broken links. All of them can can harm your website ranking.

Content duplication

Using duplicate content in your website can cause over indexation or eroding page authority which lowers your website overall authority and makes it difficult for users to find your content on SERP.

Not using HTTPS

Not using the secure https for your website may cause risk on your visitors privacy and also they get warnings from search engines about the same which causes an increase in bounce rate.

Not following search engine Guidelines

Not following the guidelines put up by search engine to rank website can be the sole reason for your low traffic, high bounce rate and rank decline on SERP.

💉 Solution!

🎢 We Provide You A Clear Path!

At Lydzen, we provide you the exact path that you need to follow to acquire your growth hack on google SERP. Our SEO Audit Services in India gives you the list of actions that are needed to take to optimize your website to make it more user-friendly, accessible, relevant & reputable, this combination will help you to get it rank on search engines. Also, we will do all the hard work that is needed for bringing necessary changes in your website ranking on SERP. 

We will examine each page of your digital property and let you know the exact changes they need to improve their ranking in search engines. We will share our recommendations & suggestions to let you know about what is needed to be done, how to do it and when to do it, to get the desired results.

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🌟 Benefits!

We Assist You To Get More Traffic! 🚀

Our Sole aim of providing you the leading SEO Audit Services in India is to get you the relevant traffic on your doorstep. We regularly create new content and repackage the existing one in order to maximise your website traffic on search engine. We will take care of your website underperforming web pages and create compelling content for them which can satisfy your user as well as search engine bots. This is all it is about. Satisfying your user is our top priority because it will help you to get organic traffic and will encourage them to share it within their social circle. Search engine bots will observe this and hence, will give your website web pages a rank which they truly deserve.

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Website Audited Today!

If you want to know where your website is lagging behind and what things you change in it to get the best SEO results, then now is the time to hire best SEO Audit Services in India to acquire the SERP rank which your website deserves.

Which One! 🤔

🔬 Our SEO Audit Types!


Local SEO Audit

Local SEO Audit will help you to identify the reasons which are stopping your business to rank in your local market. We will critically review your website onsite 7 offsite local seo efforts to find out the factors preventing it from acquiring local customer base.


Technical SEO Audit

Having a user friendly website is not enough, as it has to be crawler friendly too and should help search engine bots to crawl your website easily and rank it well on SERP. We will analyze your web code and will do the necessary changes that may be preventing it from ranking.


Content SEO Audit

Content is the king and we are the kingmakers which will analyze your website overall content to figure out any irrelevant content which may be creating confusion to search engine bots about your company’s niche and preventing it from ranking on your targeted keywords.


Links SEO Audit

A good backlinks support will help your website in ranking on search engine and the bad one can cause a massive decline. With our SEO Audit Services in India you will get the idea of all your links through our report and can make the necessary changes to increase your domain authority.


Competitive SEO Audit

Having a knowledge about what your competitor is doing to rank well on your targeted keyword is a great insight which you can utilize to prepare your next winning SEO strategy. Our competitor analysis will guide you the path of winning the SERP rankings and to outperform your competitors.


Structured Data SEO Audit

Rich snippets in search engine results is increasing day by day and having a proper schema markup activated on your website is a necessity if you want to outperform your competitors. Our SEO Audit Services in India will help you to analyze and leverage the schema markup properly.

Innovation! 📡

📢 We Transform Your Website Uniquely!

At lydzen, we transform your website in the way that you have never visualised before. Here we are not just marketers but a great storytellers which help your brand to tell its unique story in innovative way. Our SEO Audit Services in India helps you to know your website weaknesses and suggest you the path to overcome them quickly. We assist to revamp your site performance and gives you the opportunity to get your website diagnosed through the industry experts which will turn your website into a fully functional & optimized digital platform which will help you to outrank your competitors. Our dedicated team of SEO experts have years of technical expertise and SEO practice to remove your site-wide inefficiencies that are hampering the marketing engine.

🛠️ What We Offer!

💡 Our SEO Audit Services Tailored For Your Website Requirements

On-Site SEO Audit

Your website needs a regular checkup just like your car and also need a regular maintenance to stay up to date for its visitors. We provide best SEO Audit Services in India which includes technical SEO audit and consultation session.

Keyword & Market Research

Does your website is using the right keywords to target your potential customers? Our keyword research under SEO Audit Services in India helps you to discover new keywords and improve your website optimization according to it.

Penalty Analysis & Recovery

Finding out whether your website is having a negative impact due to penalties, i.e. algorithmic or manual and finding out the solution to improve your website performance is done. We help you to get out of these and make sure it never happens again.

Traffic Decline Analysis

Your website’s traffic is our top priority and we analyze every reason which can impact it negatively. We provide special recovery solution for your traffic loss and our SEO experts will analyze your site and let you know the reasons for traffic loss.

Website Launch Audit

While launching your new website there can be many things which you need to take care of. We help you to make sure everything is in place like analytics implementation, crawl path optimization, and other SEO elements like robots.txt, sitemap etc.

UI/UX Analysis & Audit

Retaining or engaging your customers on your website is very important and our audit helps you to know the exact reason why it is not happening & what steps are needed to take to improve it, as a good UI/UX will ensure growth in lead conversions.

Website Migration Audit

If your website is all ready to make its big move to a new domain, then don’t worry we are here for taking care of all your migration process and will make it as smooth and as error free as possible. We make sure to resolve any technical issues.

SEO Strategy Customization

Many businesses fail to implement their SEO strategies properly and with best SEO Audit Services in India we make sure you have a clear strategy path and suggest a result driven SEO strategy which can work for you and can give you the best ROI.

Action Plan Audit

An audit without an action plan is nothing but just another normal audit. With best SEO Audit Services in India we give you the exact action plan which is needed to be followed to improve your SEO performance and can bring you more conversions.

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🛠️ Free SEO Audit Tools Which You Can Use!

We at Lydzen, we provide you the best SEO Audit Services in India which guarantees your website success on search engine results page. But, we also believe in educating our clients about the SEO Audit Services which they can utilize on their own. So, here is the list of free SEO Audit Tools which you can use for your website audit:

💰 Paid SEO Audit Tools!

While there are multiple Free SEO Audit tools available in the market, there are many paid tools which can be used to get the exact issues details which are needed to be taken care of. With paid SEO Audit tools you get access to features and services which you can not get with free tools. So, here is our list of best paid SEO Audit tools which you can use to get your audit started:

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💎 If you have a vision 🎯
then we know the way to get you there!

We are not just SEO Auditors, we are visionaries and storytellers which can help your brand to boost its SEO process by providing the best SEO Audit Services in India 

🕵️ Reason!

Why Choose The Top SEO Audit Services in India? 🤝

ROI Driven Audit

As a top SEO Audit Services in India providers we believe in charging a nominal charge from our clients which can assure them guaranteed results and best ROI. We shall make your every rupee count.

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Detailed Audit Reports

Our SEO Audit Services in India make sure that you get the overall overview of each issues that your website is having which is stopping it from ranking on SERP. Our detailed reports will clear all your doubts.

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High Quality & Standards

We always believe in maintaining our standards and quality of work as high as possible, i.e. with the aim to give the exact reports of your website audit which can help in your company’s overall growth.

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Work Transparency

While performing our SEO Audit Services in India we believe in maintaining a complete transparent process with our clients to let them know what we are doing and how we are doing it to achieve desired results.

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