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Enhance your business global reach with us and get international clients at your doorstep with our International SEO services. We will build innovative digital experiences for your international customer base and help you to rank in your targeted countries with superb multi-language and multi-country international SEO services.


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Does your business have customers from different countries? Or does your prospective clients speaks different languages? If your answer is yes to these questions then it’s high time for you now to take your business to global platform. You may be confused between how to start and what to do for starting your business international journey. But, with the help of best International SEO Company in India, you don’t need to worry about that as we will take full responsibility to optimize your current website for international market and activate the lead generation magnet to acquire international clients.

At Lydzen, the Top International SEO Company in India we understand the true value for going global for your business and hence, make it possible for it to reach out for customers located all around the world. We believe in creating country specific SEO strategies for your business to rank it on particular regional SERP. With the help of our industry experts we pride ourselves to deliver top notch International SEO Services in India to give your business a global edge in the worldwide market and hence, assist your business to grow its international customer base.

What We Do?

Before implementing your business next international SEO strategy we at lydzen, the best International SEO Company in India do the detailed market analysis and keyword research to analyze & understand the search pattern of each targeted country and region.

How We Do It?

After analyzing specific country, which your business is targeting to attract international clients, we create region specific SEO strategies to get the best results. We critically optimize your website & implement technical website changes to optimize your website and acquire International Leads.

Why We Do It?

After launching International SEO Strategies, we wait for your business goal completion. We all know SEO is not a one time process and we need to be consistent with it to get the best results possible and hence, here we do it to rank your business on global SERP.

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Turn your dream of getting your business global into reality by hiring the best International SEO Services in India and start getting international clients on your doorstep. 

🔍 What Is International SEO?

By words “International SEO” you may feel that it’s a foriegn concept and a damn typical one. But it is something that you may need to get yourself familiar with for your business international growth. So let us put it in simple words for you…

Reach to your international customers by optimizing your website in a way that it should attract and retain the prospective international clients for your business. Professional International SEO Services in India uses the techniques to optimize your website for targeting customers that are not located in your area and are in different countries & sometimes even speaks different languages. This is done by creating and implementing SEO strategies through geotargeting. This will helps search engines to understand which countries and languages your business is considering as their prospective area for targeting customers. Increase your audience base through International SEO for multilingual sites and hence, get the customers you were not able to reach before.

📝 Elements Of Our International SEO Strategy


International Keyword Strategy

People of different countries not only use different language but also they use different word phrases to conduct their search. International keyword strategy involves finding the right keywords people are actually using in each targeted region.


Optimizing Website Structure

Whether you plan to use one domain or several nation-wide specific domains? Or maybe you need multiple versions for each product or service you are offering at international level? Our International SEO Services will guide you through your every concern.


Global Content Strategy

Our International SEO Services in India assist you to create and optimize content for your web pages to increase its visibility in international search engines and convert potential leads. This includes optimization for country specific search engines like Yandex in Russia,Baidu in China etc.


Multilingual SEO

When your business will target audience from different countries its not necessary that they will speak in the same language as yours that’s why your content and website should be optimized in their language and we at the Top International SEO Company in India will help you do that.


Implementing Technical Strategies

We will help you implement technical strategies for each changes like hreflang attributes, URL redirects, and local links and tags for the best outcomes. Our SEO Experts will help you to know the exact changes your website needs to get international customers.


Analysis & Reporting

Having so many countries and languages to rank for can become overwhelming. That’s why we make sure to create simple reports that can help you to make decisions quickly and apart that our team of customer support are always on their toes for answering your questions & give support.

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What We Serve?

Our Results Focused International SEO Services

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Domain Suggestion

Choosing the right domain for your international business expansion is very necessary as every option has its own pros and cons. There are multiple options which you can consider, including CCTLDs, subdomains, and subdirectories.

Country and language Oriented Setup

The technical configuration of your website needs proper arrangement of hreflang tags, language tags, schema markup, and much more. But don’t worry, this is where we step in and take care of everything.

Translation Assistance

Conveying your business message to your targeted audience of different countries could be very challenging but with International SEO Company in India, you don’t need to worry about it as we have a team of multilingual seo experts for you.

Research & Analysis

Whatever SEO strategy you are implementing for your own country is maybe working but there is a chance that it will not work for your targeted countries. Therefore, we do research & analysis with leading industry tools & find local insights.

Targeting Multiple Search Engine

Google may be dominant in your area but it is not necessary that it has the same value in the country which you are targeting. Therefore, at leading International SEO Company in India we make strategies to optimize your website for country specific search engines.

Client Service Management

While handling SEO for multiple sites and countries it can become hectic for you to handle so many people, but fortunately, you are here and our client management system can help you manage the complexity whilst delivering ROI you need i.e. effectively and efficiently.

Local SEO Optimization

When you decide to target different markets, it becomes necessary to perform local SEO strategies to local customers of that country. Our team of best International SEO Company in India make sure to enhance your business local image and helps your business to grow area specific customer base.

Training & Support

International SEO is a vital part for your company’s abroad success and having a skilled staff is very important for successfully implementing your strategies. We at best International SEO Company in India deliver training sessions for your team to make them ready to achieve desired International results.

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🌟 Does your business have products for international customers?

🌟 Does your business sell its products abroad?

With the world going into technology advancement, it is becoming more interlinked and easily accessible by everyone. It is possible that a portion of your business potential customers are located outside India, and they are maybe coming to your website for fulfilling their requirements. With the help of International SEO  Services in India, you can easily take care of all these visitors and with our multilingual and multi-region SEO optimization you can easily accommodate all of your international visitors.

No Hidden Charges

At Lydzen, the best International SEO Company in India we do not have any kind of hidden cost associated with our services. We believe in giving our clients a transparent services with transparent pricing structure. It covers all the details of our services features, costs, timing etc.

Outcomes Oriented Approach

Our business approach is all about results driven and business outcome oriented. We do in-depth analysis of your international audience and through our timely & effective services we implement the overall action plan for International SEO of your business.

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Acquire International customers for your business by hiring the best International SEO Company in India. We take care of all your multilingual customers and helps your business to create country specific SEO Strategies.

Our International SEO Process

How We Will Take Your Business International! 🎯

Project Research & Analysis

We optimize your website content according to your targeted audience and perform overall business research & analysis to enhance conversions.

Country & Region Analysis

We at best International SEO Company in India, we believe in creating region specific seo strategies which includes link building & local engagement strategies.

Competitor Research & Analysis

We perform strategic competitor research & do competitive analysis which helps us to know what keywords they are targeting & ranking for in specific region.

On-Page Strategy

Creating geo targeting content on your website is our priority, so that your users get greeted with information related to their region & interest.

Off-Page Strategy

Creating your brand's online presence around the world is our top priority, and we focus on spreading it across country specific search results.

Reporting & assessment

We provide you reports on your business SEO performance and detailed traffic reports that your website is getting from your targeted region.

🚩 Our Region Oriented SEO Strategies Tailored For Specific Regions 🎯

For every business that deals with international clients, having an effective online presence is very important and also maintaining a website which tells the search engines about the regions which it is targeting is a necessity. We at Lydzen, the Best International SEO Company in India we ensure that your web property has different languages translated region specific cultural content which is catered for each of your global audience requirements. 

Advantages Of Hiring Us!

🌟 Benifits Of Hiring 🏆 Top International SEO Company in India

Data Driven Approach

At Lydzen, we believe in implementing the data driven approach while making seo strategies for your brand and creating customised International SEO Services in India which enhance your global digital presence.

Dedicated Team Support

For every project we have a team of International seo experts that take care of it individually. We believe in diversifying the responsibilities to different departments for achieving the best results possible.

SEO Expertise

By hiring the Professional International SEO Company in India, you can be ensured that you will get an industry expert staff that will take care of your website global presence and lead generation process.

Transparent Work-Model

At Lydzen, the best International SEO Company in India we believe in keeping our seo services as transparent as possible with our clients and keep them up to date about the activities which we are doing.

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