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Does your website is facing a decline in traffic? Are you getting the low conversion? Some chances maybe your website has got penalized from Google. But don’t worry with our professional Google Penalty Recovery Services in India, you can get back your website on track.

🚨 Does Your Website Got Penalized From Google?

☠️ What is Google Penalty Recovery Services?

Google Penalty Recovery services are a subpart of your overall SEO process, which is done to overcome your website out of any issues which have to lead it to be penalized by Google guidelines. So, if you are noticing a rapid decline in your website traffic or your ranks on SERP, it might be possible that you might be stuck with a penalty by Google. A penalty from Google can impact your website negatively and can be very harmful to its existence on Google SERP. It can happen due to an algorithm update or can be flagged by a manual review team. Hence, finding expert penalty recovery services is very important for your company, since these penalties can harm your lead generation and conversions. Also, you must stay away from the gray guys of SEO industry which guarantees you the desired results within no time. So, if your website has got penalized then don’t hesitate to avail the best Google Penalty Recovery Services in India to get your website back on track. 

Warning 👽

🚩 Types Of Penalties Your Website Can Face!

🕵️ Manual Penalty

Manual penalty are actions taken by Google’s spam team when your website have violated any of the rules of Google webmaster guidelines. To check your manual penalty status, you can go to Google Webmaster Tools of your site and check notifications about “unnatural links”, “site-wide matches” or a similar message. The manual penalty can occur at any time and there can be plenty of reasons because of which it has implemented like doorway pages, using hidden text, clocking, or anything which doesn’t comply with Google Webmaster Quality Guidelines. Manual penalty can be either for your whole site or maybe for only one page or maybe a particular area of the site.

💻 Algorithmic Penalty

An algorithmic penalty is usually harder to determine because it is an automatic penalty which is incurred because of Google’s new algorithm update. This can be usually find out by noticing the traffic of your website and the rank of your website on Google SERP, and look out whether you have any negative impact on any one of them since the new update. These types of penalties are automatically distributed and can lead to sudden drop in your traffic and website ranking. To notice these you require a lot of analysis and sleuthing, and hence, it’s better to hire professional Google Penalty Recovery Services in India that knows what and where to look for.

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Don’t make your website suffer anymore from Google penalties and hire the best Google Penalty Recovery Services in India to get it back on track. Improve your traffic and conversions by taking the next step to your grow.

Why Me !

🤔 Reasons Why Google May Have Penalized Your Website 👊

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Content Duplicacy

Content duplicacy is something which should not be avoided by your website. The primary golden rule of SEO is that you should always use unique & quality content on your website and should never copy/paste content from other websites.

Keyword Stuffing

Maintaining a proper keyword density on your website web pages is an important task and having unnatural high density of keywords may force Google to penalize you as it is against their rules mentioned in Google Webmaster Guidelines.

Wrong Sitemap Structure

Your website sitemap is the overview of your overall website which helps Google bots to understand your digital property architecture. Therefore, it is very crucial to update your sitemap on regular basis & make it accessible.

Robots.txt File Error

Robot.txt file let Google bot know which part of our website we want to index and which not. While using this you have to be very careful as restricting Google from many places can create confusion and may lead to your website penalization.

Excessive Reciprocal Links

Reciprocal links were in boom once but with the time Google has become smarter day by day and now having too many links from the industry which is not related to yours, link to your website may lead to being noticed by Google for the penalty.

Hidden Links

All the links on your website should be related to your industry and should be visible as well as useful. Creating unuseful backlinks with the text color similar to your website’s background color may be seen by Google as suspicious action and a penalty reason.

Broken External Links

You should always analyze your website outbound links and try to keep them up-to-date, as not removing or repairing the broken links will let Google assume that you don’t care about the user experience and can lead to your website penalization.

Malicious Backlinks

Having a jealous competitor is something which you cannot avoid, but looking out for their activities like making malicious backlinks, etc that they may be doing for affecting your ranking and for getting you penalized is possible through Google Webmaster Tools.

Slow Website Speed

If your website has a slow loading speed, then obviously your visitors will get frustrated and eventually leaves. This process will not be overlooked by Google and they will notice this metric and may decide to penalize your website for the same.

Missing Page Or 404 Error

Having a blank page links or 404 error code on your website may make your visitors leave dissatisfied. Therefore, it's crucial to do a regular analysis of your web pages to avoid penalty as well as will help Google improve its user experience.

301 Redirects

To save your website from a penalty by using 301 redirects will not help and will transfer the same penalty to the new domain. Also, will make it stick around for a longer period even if you remove the redirection after opting Google Penalty Recovery Services.

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Doing Extra SEO

Google only loves you when its user loves you. To put it simply, they simply love natural content and organic backlinks. Doing extra SEO will alert them about your intentions and will lead them to penalize you for going against the rules.

💎 Our USP

What Makes Us Unique! 🏆


Personalized Services

We at Lydzen, the best Google Penalty Recovery Services in India providers believe in giving the personalized services to all of our clients. We have a specific team assigned for our every client which works on their desired goal. Our working complete transparency is also maintained to let you know about all the activities which we are doing to make your website free from Google Penalties.

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Google Approached Methods

By hiring the leading SEO Recovery Services in India, you can be ensured about the process that we took to recover you from Google Penalties. We strictly follow the guidelines stated by Google and make sure to use ethical methods to implement a recovery strategy for your website. We use quality content, ensure great user experience, active social media channels and make sure only quality sites links to you.

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Results Driven Approach

Our approach is simple, We want our clients to achieve success and reach their desired goals. With our best Google Penalty Recovery Services in India, we make sure to develop a result driven approach that can guarantee your success and helps you to recover from Google stated penalties. We always remain ready on our toes to serve our clients and maintain a strong communication with them to clear all their doubts.

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Our Working Process 😎

🛠️ What We Do To Make Your Website Penalty Free!

Research & Analysis

Before starting our Google Penalty Recovery Services in India, we critically analyze about your website i.e. its overall structure, its history including before penalties history, website backlinks analysis, and any other attribute which may have become the reason for your Google Penalty.

Consultation & Suggestion

After a detailed analysis of your website, we make our plan of action that we represent in front of you, which states the necessary actions which are needed to take to recover from penalties. It is the plan of our Google Penalty Recovery Services in India which ensures your success.

Fixation Process

After taking your approvals on an action plan, our SEO experts take care of the rest of things. This phase is our fixation process and our team implements the strategies which can ensure your penalty recovery and make sure your website starts gaining its lost traffic and leads again.

Google Rewards

With our strategies, we make sure that the website gets its rank back on Google SERP and start increasing its organic traffic which is used to have before getting penalized. This is our review process in which you receive rewards from Google and get the desired results with the best ROI.

Our Services! 🛠️

How We Work For Your Google Penalty Recovery!

⚡ Organic Traffic Recovery

Organic traffic is very important for your website as it is the traffic which brings you leads and hence, improves your sales. So, if your website has lost a massive amount of organic traffic within a short period then there are chances that your website has been penalized by Google. Hiring the best Google Penalty Recovery Services in India ensures that only good links should transfer its authority to your website as from time to time Google changes its algorithm to increase its SERP relevancy and to make sure that your website remains on top is our priority. This process ensures the recovery of your website organic traffic and helps to improve your conversions.

🤝 Recovery From Bad Links

Bad links are something which can massively impact your website’s overall health. We at Lydzen, with our best Google Penalty Recovery Services in India, make sure that we identify every bad link of your website and change it manually to eliminate their effects on your ranking and organic traffic. Through our services, we analyze every webpage of your digital property to make sure that you get backlinks only from your industry related websites and high-quality website. We keep ourselves updated with the latest Google algorithm updates to ensure that your website remains updated according to the Google guidelines. Through this process, we help your website to get back SERP and claim your true position & organic traffic.

🚀 Declined Conversions Recovery

Working on to increase your conversions is the top priority of our Google Penalty Recovery services in India. We make sure not to only recover your rankings and organic traffic on SERP, but also the conversions which your website was having before getting penalized by Google. Our focus is to improve your website performance on Google SERP through using of quality content, disallowing bad links, having a well-integrated site map and other things which can prove Google that your website is relevant to the user’s query and hence, should become on top of search results. Through this process, we make sure to grow your website conversions and increase your sales.

🎯 SEO Campaigns Recovery

Having a penalized website can affect your overall core SEO campaign through which you were targeting your keywords to get your website ranked on Google SERP. But by hiring the professional Google Penalty Recovery Services in India you can ensure that we will not only get your rank and organic traffic back but also helps you to recover your SEO campaign which you were using to acquire your prospective client base. SEO campaigns can be typical while implementing and the wrong action in that has only led your website for being penalized. Through this process, we analyze your existing SEO strategy and find out the reasons or errors which has to lead to your website penalization. We help you with the new plan of action and SEO strategy which can ensure that you achieve your desired goals.

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Want to free your website from Google penalty? Want to get back your organic traffic? Want to improve your rank on SERP? Hire the best Google Penalty Recovery Services in India to acquire your next growth hack!

Why Us? 👍

Why Choose Us, The Best Google Penalty Recovery Services in India?

SEO Company Bhopal

Affordable Packages

We offer the best Google Penalty Recovery Services in India at a very affordable rate. We believe in helping all of our clients irrespective of their sizes.

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Tailor Made Services

We believe every company is different and has different requirements according to their needs, therefore, we provide tailor made services according to your requirements.

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Work Transparency

Transparency is our work ethic and with our best Google penalty Recovery Services in India, we maintain full transparency with you to let you know what we are doing and how we are doing it.

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SEO Company in Bhopal

Guaranteed Results

We believe in making strategies which can guarantee your success. With our Google Penalty Recovery Services in India, you can be sure to have a strategy which can get your website’s rank & traffic back.

Outstanding Customer Support

Customer support is our USP and we believe in maintaining it throughout our Google Penalty Recovery Services in India. We dedicate ourselves to your support for any type of queries and problems.

Experienced SEO Experts

Being the best SEO Company in India, we pride ourselves with the experienced SEO experts team which analyze your website and helps it to recover from the penalty.

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